Welcome to the Andrew Byam Agency of New Jersey founded in 1970 and formerly under Armstrong, Ennis, & Byam Ltd. In 1955 by family members.   We prided ourselves in the understanding and solving your Business, Commercial and Personal Insurance needs for many years.


We are changing this web site and making it into a public notice to announce

that Andrew Byam has recently retired and effective 3/1/16 will no longer

be in the business of insurance in any capacity. 


All insurance policies past and present are now serviced by licensed people

directly at the respective insurance companies and or by a representative which is shown on the declaration page of your policy.


Any and all questions are addressed and answered by carriers and

representatives.  This includes you contacting them for your annual

"coverages review", pricing and claims.


I will no longer be liable for providing advice or coverage.


It has been a pleasure working with you over the years and I thank

you for past business.




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